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We are always evolving, learning new techniques, and creating quality restorations

 using superior equipment that we trust. 


Formlabs (3D printer)

The Formlabs 3D printer delivers high-resolution parts. Engineered For Precision. Designed for Reliability.

  • Send prints over WiFi

  • Reprint previous jobs

  • Manage your print queue directly from a touchscreen interface.

  • During printing, the peel mechanism, wiper, and heated resin tank create a consistent, reliable print process.

  • 20+ Materials, Zero Hassle

  • Switch between materials in seconds by replacing the cartridge. 

  • Automatically recognizes the resin type, configure settings, and more.

  • Consistently produce high-quality results with less time and effort.

Wieland Dental Zenotec Select Hybrid

The new efficiency in dental technology. The Zenotec select hybrid combines a compact CNC milling system featuring state-of-the-art five-axis simultaneous operation with the advantages of automated manufacture and very compact external dimensions.

Key features:

  • Five-axis simultaneous milling

  • Automated system with integrated 8-disc material changer

  • Synchronous spindle with a maximum speed of 60,000 rpm and four hybrid ball bearings

  • 16-position tool changer with automatic tool measurement and replacement tool management system

  • Absolute Precision


3Shape Scanner

This new scanner combines advanced technologies with a strong focus on speed and accuracy!

Key Features:

  • More Cameras mean higher quality images which create implant bars and bridges of exceptional quality!

  • Constructed using a thermally stable special metal alloy to ensure consistent accuracy.

  • Combines texture scanning and RealColor™ scanning technology that captures color guidance markings directly off the model.

  • New high-speed Multi-Die technology.

Programat S1 1600

With the Programat S1 1600, long sintering processes are a thing of the past. It sinters single-tooth frameworks of zirconium oxide material in 75 minutes and zirconium bridge frameworks up to four units in 90 minutes.


Exceptional efficiency

Crowns and bridges with a zirconium oxide framework can be fabricated in one workday (including veneer). The short sintering process does not jeopardize the high material strength and accuracy of fit of the restoration, as scientific investigations have shown. Furthermore, less power is used.


Programat Dosto-Tray:

With the Programat Dosto Tray, the sintering capacity can be increased by up to 40% compared with the standard sinter tray. In this way, the sintering furnace is even more efficient in the dental laboratory.


Some Key Benefits:

  • Sintering processes of up to 1,600 °C

  • Sintering of single frameworks in 75 minutes and of bridge frameworks in 90 minutes

  • Integrated speed programs for fully anatomical restorations with a high translucency

  • Power Saving Technology


Envision One

EnvisionOne features patented CDLM (continuous digital light manufacturing) technology, which enables the ability for continuous printing. With little to no delay between layers, the Envision One delivers exceptional speed, print resolution, surface finish, and part properties.

Some Key Benefits:

  • High-speed continuous printing - Finish an entire 3L build volume in just 4.5 hours – 30% faster than competing systems and 10x faster than desktop SLA.

  • Best-in-class part performance - Envision One leverages long-chain polymer chemistry to produce strong, stable parts. The result is isotropic parts suitable for end-use applications and capable of standing up to the most demanding conditions.

  • High accuracy and resolution - Featuring patented “domeless” printing technology, the Envision One eliminates any concerns about how “doming” may impact accuracy on the Z axis. High-resolution (60 um XY) printing and patented pixel tuning technology make it easy to create fine features and smooth surface finishes suitable for end-use parts.

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